Saturday, January 01, 2005

Jimi Hendrix - The Blues Project Outtakes

This is a great "bootleg" Cd with 7 tracks on it. I have heard most of the tracks on other rare Cds, but there is one 27:00 track called Villanova Junction Blues Jam, that is new to me. This jam includes Buddy Miles and Billy Cox. It starts out slowly with Jimi playing a riff and then the other guys kick it in a couple of minutes later. It goes into a heavy jam which is in classic Band of Gypsys style. It gets really jazzy and then picks up again. Great stuff! This CD also has a killer version of Belly Button Window, with a different vocal track and some really sweet guitar work. There's a heavy version of Hear My Train a Comin', that I have already but it sound a little better quality on here. Definitely a great acquisition for the Hendrix fan. I got mine on eBay.

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