Friday, January 28, 2005

Jimi Hendrix : The Man, the Magic, the Truth

There is a new book about the life of Jimi Hendrix, I am going to buy it and review it here. Here is the description:

The Jimi Hendrix legend has lived on longer than the man, who died in 1970 at the age of twenty-seven. More than thirty years later, what the world knows about him has become deeply distorted. Now Sharon Lawrence, a trusted friend of Jimi's in the final years of his astonishing life, has written a serious exploration of his life, death, and enduring legacy, based partly on the author's never-before-heard recorded interviews with the late musician.

Jimi Hendrix: The Man, The Magic, The Truth contains new and rare material about Hendrix, with major insights from sources who have previously kept their silence -- from childhood neighbors to rock stars and musicians, to music-industry insiders. This book corrects years of false information, reveals key truths, and supplies facts previously known to only a precious few. It also chronicles the years of mind-boggling legal battles over his estate and legacy.

This is the definitive account of Jimi Hendrix, the young man from a pathetic poverty-stricken childhood who invented himself into something rare and special, the man who radiated genius and a bold yet charming personality when he picked up a guitar. It revisits the glory of Hendrix's talent, giving new insight into his sensitive persona, imagination, musical standards, and far-reaching impact.

Iluminating, honest, and bracing, Jimi Hendrix will forever change how we view one of rock and roll's greatest icons.

Hardcover: 368 pages
Publisher: HarperEntertainment (February 1, 2005)
ISBN: 0060562994

You can buy it here: Jimi Hendrix : The Man, the Magic, the Truth

Recreated Hendrix's Psychedelic Flying V Guitar

Jimi has been honored again with this recreation of the Flying V. Nobody played the V like Jimi, many people don't realize Jimi even played the Flying V. Here is the article:

Legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix personally painted a psychedelic design on his 1967 Flying V, and Epiphone has painstakingly recreated Hendrix's artwork on a new, limited-edition signature Flying V.

"Jimi Hendrix loved his Flying V's and owned three of them," said Jim "Epi" Rosenberg, president of Epiphone. "We've replicated the most famous and recognizable one, which he used on his 1967 and '68 tours, including an appearance on French television in October 1967. His psychedelic artwork makes a striking impression that perfectly represents the era, and we're very proud to offer this part of the 'experience' to Hendrix fans."

Jimi Hendrix Experience Pedal

There is a cool new Jimi Hendrix pedal you can check out to make you sound just like Jimi! Here is the article for your reference:

New for NAMM, DigiTech announced the introduction of the Jimi Hendrix Experience Artist Series Pedal. Working closely in conjunction with Eddie Kramer, the legendary recording engineer and producer who captured Hendrix's amazing talent on the albums that redefined the role of the electric guitar forever, DigiTech was chosen by the Hendrix family to model Jimi's incredible tones and make them available to the world.

By applying its proprietary Production Modeling technology to craft this effects pedal, guitarists can now access key Hendrix sounds from seven classic songs that defined his playing. These include "Purple Haze" Intro and Solo section - modeled on the Fuzz Face pedal played into a 100-Watt Marshall Super Lead amp effected with an EMT plate reverb and Octavia (Solo); "Little Wing" Intro and Solo - including the tone from the miniature rotary speaker recorded at London's Olympic Studios "Voodoo Child" Intro and Solo - based on the VOX Clyde McCoy Wah pedal, brown Fender Bassman amp and an EMT plate reverb; "All Along The Watchtower" Intro and Solo - recreated using Hendrix's acoustic guitar plus a 100-Watt Marshall Super Lead amp.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsies

The Band of Gypsies was a rocking group consisting of Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles and Billy Cox. This was the first time Jimi had a band of all black members, which actually put Jimi sort of at the forefront of cultural issues relating to black-white relations. He had been controversial with his two white band mates in the Jimi Hendrix Experience. So, Jimi decided to get this new group together and it was magic right from the beginning. The Band of Gypsies played several shows together including the four shows at the Fillmore East during New Years 1969-70. These are famous shows because they were recorded for an album by the same name. Very powerful stuff on this album, Jimi owed the record studio another album so decided to do these show to make a live album. The songs they did like "Who Know" and "Them Changes" are classic Buddy Miles influence. This is regarded by many as the beginning of funk and Buddy Miles lended those funky beats that defined the sound. The trio went on to do a few more shows before Jimi got Mitch Mitchell back in the band to tour Europe. Buddy Miles was upset about it, but I think Jimi realized that Mitch was more his style of drummer. Buddy Miles however made a great contribution to this phase of Jimi's career. There are quite a few live and studio recording of the Band of Gypsies trio doing their thing. Definitely worth perusing and buying or downloading this material.

Jimi Hendrix - The Dick Cavett Show

This is a great DVD and audio recording. Jimi and Dick go at it and of course Jimi gets the best of Dick, because he is more intelligent and wittier. :) I like Dick Cavett and think he is a great personality and he tries his best to be hip and relate to Jimi. Jimi does 2 really awesome performances on Dick's show. First he performs with Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox, with Juma on Conga, they do a great version of Isabella and then go into Machine Gun. It's a really great performance and showed America the true genius of Jimi Hendrix. The next time Jimi was on Dick's show he performed a little solo jam of Hear My Train a Comin'. Very nice little jam with I believe the Dick Cavett band backing him up and doing a great job. You have to see this DVD because it is so funny how Dick tries to get under Jimi's skin but Jimi is too smart for these little jabs. Jimi wears a really nice Kimono in one of the shows and of course Dick has to make a comment, he's just jealous. All and all, a great piece of Jimi Hendrix History and worth a viewing.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Jimi Hendrix News

Eagle Rock Entertainment Presents 'Classic Album Series' The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland

Here is an article I found about a new DVD that will feature interviews and the story behind one of Jimi's best albums, Electric Ladyland. This should be a good DVD and I will be sure to post on this Blog when I have viewed and review the new release. Here is the article:

NEW YORK (Eagle Rock Ent.) - Eagle Rock Entertainment is honored to present another addition to the 'Classic Album' series by one of the greatest guitarists of all time with the release of The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland: Classic Album on DVDFebruary 22, 2005.
Released in 1968, Electric Ladyland represents a watershed in the flourishing career of Jimi Hendrix and is recognized today as one of rock music's landmark albums. Featuring some of Hendrix's most notable recordings including "Crosstown Traffic," "Voodoo Chile" and his cover of "All Along The Watchtower," Electric Ladyland saw Hendrix carrying '60 psychedelia into the studio, experimenting with multi-tracking and stretching his material to thicken the sound of the trio. It is astonishing to look back and realize this is only Hendrix's second album in his drastically brief career.
Electric Ladyland: Classic Album features archive film footage and interviews with many of those who were there for the ride including producer Eddie Kramer, Noel Redding, Mitch Mitchell, Steve Winwood and Chas Chandler. Electric Landyland runs approximately 60 minutes and has a list price of $14.98.
Track Listing:1. Burning of the Midnight Lamp2. All Along the Watchtower3. Rainy Day, Dream Away4. Voodoo Chile5. Crosstown Traffic6. Little Miss Strange7. Gypsy Eyes8. House Burning Down9. Long Hot Summer Night10. Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)11. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

Jimi Hendrix voted the artist with the best guitar face ever

I mean I pretty much agree with this story about Jimi, he did make some of the most agonizing faces while playing shows. He also commonly flicked his tounge at girls in the crowd. He was very expressive while playing the guitar with his body motions as well. Here is the article:

[Hollywood News]: London, Jan 10 : A new poll conducted by the music an on- demand television service Mag rack has revealed that most music lovers think that legendary reggae artist Jimi Hendrix has the best 'guitar face' in rock history. According to Female First, the poll described a 'guitar face' as the look of intense concentration one gets on their face when trying to nail a high note or power chord. "(Hendrix) channelled all the soulful ecstasy of the universe through his hands, and this was naturally mirrored in his face," "Gods and Monsters" guitarist Gary Lucas was quoted as saying. (ANI)

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze

Purple Haze was one of Jimi's first hits that really took the world by storm. The song starts out with the famous riff and then kicks in full-throttle with the Experience. I have heard this song was supposed to called "Purple Haze - Jesus Saves" but Jimi decide to just go with Purple haze when it was all said and done. There are numerous live recording of Purple Haze out there to be listened to. Hope you enjoy this review.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Jimi Hendrix - Monterey Performance

Wow, what a great show this was. I have it on DVD and CD. This was Jimi's first big gig in America after he returned from England with his new band, the Experience. Nobody really had ever heard of him until after this performance. Right from the outset, Jimi comes out with a rousing version of "Rock Me Baby", very uptempo and powerful. He does a great version of "Hey Joe" at this show. Before the show he was hanging out with Janis Joplin, Pete Townsend, and Brian Jones of the Stones, I think Jerry Garcia was there too. He was arguing with Pete about who would go on first, Jimi's Experience or The Who. Jimi said,"If I'm going after you guys then I'm gonna pull out all the stops!" Then he got up on a chair and busted out some amazing guitar work that blew everyone's mind that was in the room.

Hendrix really wowed the crowd away and launched his career, funny thing is his first real tour was with The Monkees!! Lol! I heard the crown was shocked by his performance!!

Anyway, Jimi does a great version of "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan, where he actually skips a verse and apologizes during the song. Jimi was the master of singing and playing at the same time. He had such a great feel for the guitar and it was really like an extension of his mind. He could control the "feedback" of the guitar and the amp, and was one of the first guitarists to use pedals? Anyway, he ended the show with "Wild Thing" by the Troggs. After he jammed the sond, he layed the guitar down on the stage, which was painted special by Jimi before the show, and poured lighter fluid all over it then lite it up. What a cool move, and then he used up the rest of the fluid on the guitar and swung it around and smashed up the whole stage. Boy he really tried out do The Who that had just smashed up the stage after their performance! :)

I highly recommend this album and DVD!

Hendrix Movie May Not Happen - Andre 3000 Upset

Oh no...Andre 3000 has not been able to get the rights to Jimi's music from the Hendrix Estate to make a Jimi Hendrix movie says ContactMusic.

Andre fears the Hendrix biopic will remain unmade because movie-makers will never gain the rights to use the guitar great's songs. He says, "I've heard that Will Smith wanted to do it (the film) at one time, Laurence Fishburne; Eddie Murphy had wanted to do it in the beginning of his career. There's been a lot of scripts to try to make it happen, but nothing can go on. I can go and make a Hendrix film right now, but I could not use any Hendrix songs that he wrote in the film."

I was looking forward to the movie, but honestly Andre 3000 can't really play guitar and I think that is vital to whoever plays the role, not that it mattered for Jamie Foxx's portrayal of Ray Charles. Anyway, the world probably isn't ready for a Hendrix movie that kicks butt! Maybe in 30 more years.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Jimi Hendrix - The Blues Project Outtakes

This is a great "bootleg" Cd with 7 tracks on it. I have heard most of the tracks on other rare Cds, but there is one 27:00 track called Villanova Junction Blues Jam, that is new to me. This jam includes Buddy Miles and Billy Cox. It starts out slowly with Jimi playing a riff and then the other guys kick it in a couple of minutes later. It goes into a heavy jam which is in classic Band of Gypsys style. It gets really jazzy and then picks up again. Great stuff! This CD also has a killer version of Belly Button Window, with a different vocal track and some really sweet guitar work. There's a heavy version of Hear My Train a Comin', that I have already but it sound a little better quality on here. Definitely a great acquisition for the Hendrix fan. I got mine on eBay.