Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Music Reviewed!

Man, this is an awesome new release from the Hendrix Estate. Mostly instrumental arrangements from Jimi's 4 year career. Very grungy and heavy right from the first track. Jimi really gets far-out on some of these tracks, I mean the guitar work is incredible and the solos are blistering of course as only Jimi can do it. He really stretches it out in some of these jams, and it's cool because other musicians Jimi played with are on here that you don't normally hear.

3 of the tracks are solo Jimi on electric guitar, he does a version of Valleys of Neptune that's really cool. I have few other versions of this song, but this version is really refreshing because it's just him playing. You should try to get Valley's of Neptune the band version with Billy Cox, Mitch Mitchell and Jimi. Really progressive stuff...

They even feature Jimi on Piano playing a little bit which is really interesting.

All and all, there are at least 8 jams I had never heard before (and I own 200+ Jimi CDs) this is a major release for the rock world and certainly Jimi fans. I highly recommend this CD and have played it for a bunch of buddies and friends at work.

I can't wait for people like Lenny Kravitz and the Black Crows, etc to hear this album, I bet you will hear some riffs from it influencing musicians of today when they go to record.

Hear My Music

Thursday, December 16, 2004

New Jimi Hendrix Release - Hear My Music

New Jimi Hendrix Release - Hear My Music

Hear My Music is the newest entry in the Dagger Records series of bootleg styled recordings. This collection of instrumental recordings reveal just a few of the creative explorations Jimi Hendrix was undertaking throughout the first half of 1969.
Never intended for release in their present state, this collection shines further light on his creative development and unending quest for new musical challenges. The diversity of these recordings-from solo demos to group efforts with The Experience to free form jam sessions-make clear Hendrix's sheer love of playing music and interacting with fellow musicians in any setting whatsoever.

This insightful 11-song release features "Slow Version," "Ezy Ryder/Star Spangled Banner," "Jam 292," "Trash Man," "Message To Love," "Gypsy Blood," two versions of "Valleys Of Neptune" including a solo electric guitar rendition and a piano solo, "Blues Jam At Olympic," plus the original unedited versions of "Drone Blue" and "Jimi/Jimmy Jam" from the long out-of-print 1980 release Nine To The Universe. Hear My Music marks the first time these recordings have ever been released in their original unedited format.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Jimi Hendrix - Woodstock Review

Jimi closed the entire Woodstock Festival on the last day at 10:30 am! A lot of people had actually left the area and missed his performance completely. For those that did stay, boy were they in for a treat. Jimi had a large amount of musicians on stage with him including: Mitch Mitchell (drums), Billy Cox (bass), Juma Sultan(Congas), Jerry Valez (Percussion), and Larry Lee (guitar). The group now called Gypsy, Suns and Rainbows (classical Hendrix band name) had been rehersing and jamming in the Woodstock area at a big house. When they hit the stage Jimi led the boys through a scalding, lengthy set which included: Isabella, Voodoo Child, Message to Love, and Hey Joe. Larry Lee actually sang on a couple numbers, one of them called Mastermind. Jimi broke things down with a frenetic, yet beautiful version of Villanova Junction. And of course Jimi's version of the Star Spangled Banner was legendary. Mitch had a really nice drum solo as well. Jimi appeared on the DIck Cavett show shortly after the festival and that interview is now on CD, it's a trip (Jimi really out-wits Dick!) All and all, absolutely great show and very worth while watching the DVD and getting the CD. There are some bootleg versions of the pre-festival jams at Shokan (I believe) that are really good too!

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Jimi Hendrix - Isle of Wight

This was a great concert from Jimi and the boys. It was a big festival in England, one of Jimi's last shows. He pulls out all the stops and plays everything from Hey Joe to Machine Gun. He really kills it on Voodoo Child and freaks you out with Dolly Dagger. He also play nice numbers like "Hey Baby" and "All Along the Watchtower." He doesn't go on stage until like 3 in the morning because of delays. His outfit for this show was custom made and he looks like a mythical god on the guitar. Mitch and Billy are backing him up at this show, this is a legendary show. He also plays Freedom, which was a new tune for him at the time and not many people had heard it yet. This whole crowd was blown away by his performance. This is a must have for any Hendrix fan.

Check it our for yourself: Jimi Hendrix - Isle of Wight

Jimi Hendrix's All Along the Watchtower voted best album cover ever!

[Hollywood News]: London, Dec 1 : Legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix's cover version of the Bob Dylan song 'All Along the Watchtower' has been voted the best album cover ever in a poll conducted by the Daily Telegraph.

Hendrix beat the likes of the Pet Shop Boys and Aretha Franklin to be voted the artist with the best cover and critics said that his song had emerged as the favourite because it gave a 'fresh lease of life' to Dylan's song.

The five best cover versions ever were:

1: All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix,

2: You were always on my mind- Pet Shop Boys

3: My Way- Sid Vicious

4: Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley,

5: Respect- Aretha Franklin (ANI)

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Jimi Hendrix - Berkeley Concert Review

This CD is a powerful testament to the power and technique of Jimi Hendrix. Jimi really rips it up in this concert from 1970. They do an amazing Machine Gun on this CD. The line-up features Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox. I highly recommend this CD. Jimi takes you though all the best tunes from his career, he died a few month later.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

My Jimi Artwork - "Genesis"

In addtional to being an awesome guitar player, Jimi Hendrix was an artist! I actually purchased one of his pieces called "Genesis" at auction several years ago. I think it looks totally abstract and cool! Tell me your interpretation.

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Jimi was the man!

Most people that like Jimi Hendrix haven't really heard all of his music. There are hundreds of CDs availalbe out there with all kinds of Jimi music that was never officially released. They are typically called "bootlegs" and are usally excellent sources of Jimi's music at various point in his career.
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