Monday, June 05, 2006

Afton Down Festival Jimi Hendrix Sculpture

ALMOST 36 years since his death shortly after playing the great Afton Down Festival of 1970, guitar hero Jimi Hendrix has returned to the scene of his last major live appearance.
A life-size statue of Hendrix has been erected in specially designed grounds at Dimbola Lodge, Freshwater, former home of an altogether more genteel cultural pioneer, Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron.
Dimbola trustee John Giddings, who is also promoter of the Nokia IW Festival, came up with the idea of honouring Hendrix.
And although those who run Dimbola swiftly embraced the idea, other Freshwater residents say the statue is inappropriate.
Freshwater Residents' Association has written to Dimbola raising concerns and members were recently involved in a heated exchange with Dimbola's president, Ron Smith, at the charity's annual meeting.
Dimbola chairman Dr Brian Hinton denied juxtaposing Hendrix — who died after a drink and drugs overdose — and Cameron was incongruous.
He said both artists had similarities. Both were from ethnic backgrounds and both pushed the boundaries of their chosen instruments — Hendrix through his guitar and Cameron with her camera.
He said it was also entirely appropriate that the 1970 IW Festival — the largest event of its type yet staged in this country — should be marked in Freshwater.
He said: "I am really angry at the reaction of one or two people, loudmouths who contribute nothing to the Island.
"Where was their concern for the site when it was about to be demolished to make way for flats?
"I have heard plans for a full opening ceremony were shelved because John Giddings, being the nice man he is, didn't want to offend anyone. I think that is a terrible shame."
The bronze model of Hendrix in 1970 Afton pose was created by Putney-based sculptor John Swindells. It is set in a garden designed and created by Lee Daniel of Ryde-based LD Transformations.
02 June 2006

Friday, April 07, 2006

LED ZEPPELIN, JIMI HENDRIX Producer's Photo Exhibit Offers Rare Look At Rock Icons

This is a really cool selection of photos from the master:

As a producer and engineer for the past 40 years, Eddie Kramer has overseen some of the most significant albums of all time. Among them: JIMI HENDRIX's groundbreaking "Are You Experienced?" (in fact, all of his studio albums); five LED ZEPPELIN albums; the ROLLING STONES' "Beggars Banquet"; and works by SANTANA, SMALL FACES, DAVID BOWIE, and THE BEATLES. That Kramer, 63, helped shape the course of rock music comes as no surprise to anybody who grew up gazing at gatefold LP credits while "Whole Lotta Love" or "Voodoo Chile" blasted from the speakers. That he took pictures while he was at it — more than a thousand of them — is a more recent revelation.

"From the Other Side of the Glass" is a new traveling exhibition that features a selection of Kramer's intimate, little-seen photographs of three of rock's best known subjects — HENDRIX, ZEPPELIN, and the STONES — at work and at play. Drawn from roughly 450 images at his Kramer Archives website (, the exhibit opens at the Paradise Lounge on Tuesday.

"I'd keep the camera next to me," says Kramer on the phone from Los Angeles. ''It was my constant companion, and it was always loaded and ready to go. Sometimes I would be working the board and the artist would be sitting behind me on the couch, and I'd wheel around in my chair and just snap away and keep working with the other hand."

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jimi Hendrix Woostock footage to be shown in Boston

A salute to Jimi Hendrix, including his "Woodstock" performance and an all-star jam, will take place next week in Boston. The family-owned Experience Hendrix LLC has arranged for the newly released Jimi Hendrix Live At Woodstock, which is the most complete visual record of Hendrix's set at the festival, to be shown at the Axis nightclub near Fenway Park. Following the show, a question-and-answer session will be held with latter-day Hendrix bassist Billy Cox and longtime Hendrix engineer and producer Eddie Kramer. The night will end with an all-star tribute with Cox, former Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble drummer Chris "Whipper" Layton," Kid Rock guitarist Kenny Olsen, former Earth, Wind & Fire guitarist Sheldon Reynolds, and others.

Similar performances have been held at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland and the Experience Music Project in Seattle, among other places.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ten Reasons Why Wilson Pickett Was Cool

R&B/soul singer Wilson Pickett died of a heart attack on Thursday at age 64 in a Reston, Virginia hospital near his home. He had suffered through health problems for the last year.

Here at ChartAttack, instead of mourning a musician's death, we prefer to celebrate his or her life. Here are 10 reasons why Wilson Pickett was cool:

1. People called him "Wicked Pickett."

2. Unlike many of the biggest R&B/soul stars of the '60s, Pickett wrote or co-wrote many of his own hits, including "In The Midnight Hour."

3. "In The Midnight Hour" has been covered by The Jam, Tom Jones, Echo & The Bunnymen, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Rivers, Roxy Music, Rufus Thomas, Johnny Thunders, Jackie Wilson, The Young Rascals, Mary Wells, Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels, Martha Reeves, The Chocolate Watchband, The Chambers Brothers and John Holt — all of whom are cool.

4. Pickett covered The Archies' "Sugar, Sugar," which means that Andy Kim made some money from him.

5. Pickett joined The Falcons as a teenager and sang their 1962 hit, "I Found A Love." The Falcons also included Eddie Floyd (who wrote the classic "Knock On Wood" and "634-5789," which Pickett later had a major hit with) and Sir Mack Rice (who wrote another of Wilson's big solo hits, "Mustang Sally").

6. Pickett recorded at the Stax and Muscle Shoals Studios with some of the top session musicians ever, including guitarist Steve Cropper, bassist Donald "Duck" Dunn and organist Booker T. Jones.

7. Many people consider Pickett's version of The Beatles' "Hey Jude," which he recorded with guitarist Duane Allman, to be better than the original.

8. Although Pickett didn't appear in The Commitments, the film focused on a struggling Dublin soul band's comedic efforts to meet and perform with him.

9. Pickett was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1991.

10. Pickett wasn't just compared to James Brown because of their musical similarities. He also lived life on the edge and toured around the world almost non-stop until health problems forced him to retire.

—Steve McLean

Jimi Hendrix Psychedelic Flying V On Show

NAMM06: Jimi Hendrix Psychedelic Flying V On Show


The Gibson Custom division have launched the ‘Inspired
By’ series limited-edition collection of

inspired by and built to the exact specifications of some of the
most innovative guitarists of all time. The Jimi Hendrix, Peter Frampton, John
Sykes and Kiefer Sutherland (No! Really ?!?) models are among the offerings.


The ‘Inspired By’ guitars are all handmade instruments crafted by Gibson’s
famous Custom Shop, featuring one-of-a-kind looks, style, and tone. The Jimi
Hendrix Psychedelic Flying V will be on display throughout NAMM at the Gibson

Booth. In addition to the guitar, guests will have a chance to view
rare Hendrix memorabilia on loan from Experience

Project. The mythical Jimi Hendrix Psychedelic Flying V, purchased in
1967 and used on tour in Europe during 1967 and 1968 with its swirling,
psychedelic designs, highlights the spirit of the times and showcases Jimi’s
unique artistic expression.


Originally painted by Hendrix with what appears to be nail polish, the Custom
Shop has used materials which reproduce the same sense of depth and texture.


The new Peter Frampton Inspired By model has a two-piece body unlike standard
Les Paul Junior and Special models. It features three single-coil P-90 pickups,
each of which has a dedicated volume control. The middle pickup can be blended
in with (or isolated from) the rhythm and treble pickups as desired and a master
toggle switch functions as it would on a two-pickup guitar.


The Gibson Custom Shop say that meticulously recreating Jimi’s guitar and
designing the new Peter Frampton model has been a labor of love for them. All of
the materials and hardware are faithful reproductions of the original on each
model. From initial wood selection to final assembly the Gibson Custom Shop
exceeds every expectation and remains faithful the history of the finest guitars
in the world.