Sunday, January 16, 2005

Jimi Hendrix - The Dick Cavett Show

This is a great DVD and audio recording. Jimi and Dick go at it and of course Jimi gets the best of Dick, because he is more intelligent and wittier. :) I like Dick Cavett and think he is a great personality and he tries his best to be hip and relate to Jimi. Jimi does 2 really awesome performances on Dick's show. First he performs with Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox, with Juma on Conga, they do a great version of Isabella and then go into Machine Gun. It's a really great performance and showed America the true genius of Jimi Hendrix. The next time Jimi was on Dick's show he performed a little solo jam of Hear My Train a Comin'. Very nice little jam with I believe the Dick Cavett band backing him up and doing a great job. You have to see this DVD because it is so funny how Dick tries to get under Jimi's skin but Jimi is too smart for these little jabs. Jimi wears a really nice Kimono in one of the shows and of course Dick has to make a comment, he's just jealous. All and all, a great piece of Jimi Hendrix History and worth a viewing.

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all right I have it!!it's a great performance of"hear my train a comin'".hi.come to see me in my