Monday, October 25, 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valley's Of Neptune New Hendrix Album Set for Release

Well here we are already with a new release and Sony just took over the Jimi Hendrix catalog! It's called Valleys of Neptune and will feature a bunch of killer jams in super high-quality and remastered perfectly. The actual song "Valleys of Neptune Arising" has been in circulation for years in the under ground music scene and is probably my all-time favorite Hendrix tune. The song has incredible lyrics and it's obvious Jimi was trying to communicate a message to the world. I even think Jimi was trying to warn us of what he saw so clearly that humanity is heading for horrendous climate change or "something". Jimi also references Atlantis and the rising seas. And "continents much older." I won't give it all alway you'll have to listen to the lyrics yourself but it really intense. Jimi also really plays amazingly on this track and you wonder how he was creeating those sounds. You can access the song stream in a link below.

Jimi was so creative and proficient musically during his career from 1967-70 that we are left with a tremendous amount of recorded material to discover and enjoy. No other musical artist, in my opinion, created as much and left as much great music to be discovered later, like Jimi did. Jimi loved to record everything he did musically which is why there is so much Hendrix material out there and yet to be heard. For someone like myself who has over 200 Hendrix "bootlegs" of unreleased live concerts and studio jams, I'm always excited when there is a release like this from the Hendrix estate, but of course I think they need to release everything there is to release instead of stringing it out over time, but what can I do...So, here is the track list from the forthcoming new Jimi Hendrix release Valleys of Neptune:

1. Stone Free
2. Valleys Of Neptune
3. Bleeding Heart
4. Hear My Train A Comin
5. Mr. Bad Luck
6. Sunshine Of Your Love
7. Lover Man
8. Ships Passing In The Night
9. Fire
10. Red House
11. Lullaby For The Summer
12. Crying Blue Rain

This is going to be a really great selection of material never heard by the public. Hendrix music collectors will have heard some of these tracks but most are cleaned up and alternate recordings and jams. I can wait for March now so I can get my copy. I think the world is ready to hear some of the stuff Jimi was working on and recording before he died that has been in the mainstream. I think you will see Jimi everywhere now that Sony has control of the catalog. Get ready to experience a whole lot of Jimi!

Hear Valleys of Neptune from the new release:

See ya soon! When I come back and review the release!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RIP Mitch Mitchell - Jimi Hendrix Drummer Dies

Mitch Mitchell has dies at the age of 62 in Portland. He was touring as a part of the Jimi Hendrix tour this year. He was found in his hotel room, dying of apparent natural causes. Mitch will be sorely missed! We love you Mitch!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jimi Hendrix Burnt Guitar to be Auctioned for 1 Million Dollars

One of Jimi Hendrix's guitars he burned at a concert is going on the auction block. This is the only know intact burnt Jimi Hendrix guitar out there and should fetch at least 1 million. I certainly would pay it if I had it!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jimi Hendrix New Album with Steven Still to Be Released

Rumors and now confirmation has occurred that stated that there will be a new Jimi Hendrix and Steven Stills collaboration album. This is majorly good news for Hendrix fans. Stay tunes for more info coming soon.